Did Led Zeppelin Play in Wheaton in 1969?

The AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring is showing the documentary, "Led Zeppelin Played Here," on Sunday night.

One of the enduring mysteries of Wheaton: Did Led Zeppelin play on Jan. 20, 1969, at the Wheaton Youth Center (what's now called the Wheaton Community Center)?

The AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring is showing a documentary Sunday night that explores this very question. 

A little context: The Washington Post reported on a 2009 reunion of those who claimed the concert took place.

No ticket stubs, posters, pictures or news clippings of the gig are known to exist. Yet some people passionately insist they saw the performance. Zeppelin-in-Wheaton is Washington's own rock-and-roll Loch Ness Monster. Could it possibly be real?

Yes. No way. Depends whom you ask.

"Led Zeppelin Played Here" starts at 9 p.m., Jan. 20 (2013!) and tickets are $5.


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