Old Navy Closes in Bowie Town Center

The store has been "repositioned" to Waugh Chapel in Gambrills.

The Old Navy in Bowie Town Center closed its doors for good last month the day before a new store opened up in Waugh Chapel Towne Centre. 

According to Julie Luker, a public relations manager for Old Navy, the store closed on Jan. 22 and was "repositioned" to the new location in Gambrills. 

When asked if Old Navy would be opening a new store in Bowie in the near future, Luker indicated that there was no specific plan. 

"We are constantly evaluating our store fleet to ensure we have the right stores in the right locations to best serve our customers," wrote Luker in an email. "I can tell you that we look at a number of factors—including our existing store base, market demographics and sales potential of a particular market."

Old Navy is the second store in six months to close shop in Bowie Town Center in favor of relocation to Waugh Chapel. Bed Bath & Beyond closed shop in Bowie Town Center in September 2012 when a new store opened up in Gambrills. 

How do you feel about the Bowie Town Center Old Navy relocating to Gambrills? Will you drive the three-odd miles north to continue to shop at the store? 

sonia stewart March 02, 2013 at 08:05 PM
Good riddance, I can still go to Old Navy in Woodmore. I miss Bed Bath and Beyond but apparently they don't miss my money.
Thomas Ashley March 06, 2013 at 06:40 PM
Unfortunately BTC could never attract all A-B level stores because of the demographics and the fact that it is in Prince Georges county. Even though the surrounding community has a strong middle class income level. It is and was based on perception. All the malls that are close to major roadways, such as the beltway, have higher incidences of theft and are more susceptible to this element. I have worked in retail for the last 30 years, and travel extensively throughout the country and abroad working with retailers. Some of the best stores in the best locations have the most disrespectful customers, especially in the ladies departments, that use the fitting rooms for bathrooms and relieve themselves on the clothes left in piles on the floor. PG has an image problem (look at the National Harbor that is still struggling to attract top retailers) and a large minority base. Both BTC and PG must have managers with exceptional marketing skills to attract, develop and keep these retailers as a part of our community. It's as much a perception issue as it is a financial one.
kathy lapinski March 06, 2013 at 08:53 PM
When I tell people that I live in Bowie, some people cringe -- why?? It is an ok place to live -- I moved here b/c I wanted to be closer to where I worked at the time (I spent 7 years working in DC and Greenbelt). Now, AA seems more desirable, but really, is it? Why is it perceived to be that way?? I do agree it is as much of a perception issue as anything.
kathy lapinski March 06, 2013 at 08:56 PM
However, perception is a very difficult thing to change...People will think what they want and changing it will be VERY challenging.
kaela F. January 02, 2014 at 10:04 AM
Your white friends may cringe when you tell them you live in Bowie because a lot of Black people live there. They assume that these are the black people that they see on Fox News. They don't know that Bowie residents are comprised of educated, well paid and progressive black people. On another note, I just found out that the Loft is closing. I'm really bummed out. The only stores that could possibly save BTC might be H&M and Forever 21. BTC had the nerve to have a cheap ass Gussini. That didn't last long. Wrong area. I cant see Teavana doing well either.


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