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Seoul Food Moving Into Global Cafe Space

The Korean food truck owners will open their first restaurant in Wheaton, according to Washingtonian.

Out with the Jollof rice, in with the bibimbap.

An Arlington-based food truck, Seoul Food, will soon find a home at the corner of University Boulevard and Georgia Avenue in Wheaton, Washingtonian reported earlier this week.

The restaurant space, which is attached to an Exxon station at the busy intersection in downtown Wheaton, was formerly home to Global Cafe African Grill.

Owners Hyun Shil and Jon Goree estimate a March or April opening date, according to Washingtonian.

Read the full story at the Washingtonian web site.

Jason January 25, 2013 at 02:03 PM
I hope Seoul Food does well but will miss Global Cafe, which had very good food and nice owners.
AntonFisher January 25, 2013 at 02:56 PM
The Washingtonian article states that the main focus of the new restaurant will be takeout food with limited number of bar stool type of seating. I doubt this endeavor will be successful since the area lacks parking for the takeout style. The restaurant will benefit more if it was a dine-in type of establishment where people would not mind parking a little distance away in anticipation of sitdown dinner.
Jason January 25, 2013 at 05:06 PM
Anton--I don't know if you've been inside, but there's limited seating space anyhow. It's a very challenging spot--inside an Exxon with limited seating--so maybe the carryout idea will work better. I, like you, would like to see greater diversity of restaurants (both ethnically and in ambience) and in other shops in Wheaton. Despite politicians/others calling Wheaton "eclectic," it's constantly becoming more homogeneous and less eclectic in its personality and its offerings. Still, the Exxon restaurant won't turn around Wheaton any more than the cash-for-gold shops, check-cashing places, and laundromats will. Maybe the Safeway residents will be able to help support a more diverse range of offerings. (At least the structure probably won't be intentionally tacky like another apartment building right near the Metro.) Unfortunately, I don't foresee the M-NCPPC employees having much of an impact on Wheaton the way that residents would. The employees will have little invested in seeing Wheaton change and already have enough food offerings/CVS near the Triangle to accommodate their needs.
ilkunta June 07, 2013 at 09:59 PM
what building has a tacky interior? i know the paint scheme for the outside of Metropointe(corner of reedie & GA) is HORRIBLE. Archstone's bulding(corner of Prichard & GA across from Ballys) looks fine. I wonder how Exchange building will look ?


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