When to See the Cherry Blossoms at Brookside Gardens

Why go to Washington, DC, when you can enjoy the 30 cherry trees right here in Wheaton?

Brookside Gardens in Wheaton may not be the Tidal Basin, but if you want to avoid the crowds downtown, consider taking advantage of the cherry blossoms closer to home.

The big news broke earlier this week: The National Park Service announced between March 26-30.

Typical blooming time at Brookside Gardens is around the end of March to the first week in April, and peak blooming time is anticipated to be April 1 this year, according to spokesperson Leslie McDermott.

The gardens are home to approximately 30 cherry trees, with most located in the Gude Garden near the Japanese pagoda.

The first to bloom will be the the Okame and First Lady varieties, McDermott said. Other varieties include weeping cherry trees and unnamed Asian hybrids.

And if you want to see the famous Yoshino cherry trees--the ones that line the Tidal Basin--don't worry, Brookside Gardens has them too.

Flowering trees like plum, apricot, magnolias and quince will also bloom around the same time. And in the flower beds, garden goers will see hyacinths, tulips and daffodils welcoming spring.


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