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Leggett, Navarro Celebrate New Glenmont Signs

Learn how the Greater Glenmont Civic Association, the county government, and the Montgomery Housing Partnership collaborated to create the signs.

Have you noticed the signs?

The five signs are the result of cooperation between the county government, the Greater Glenmont Civic Association and the nonprofit Montgomery Housing Partnership. The county funded the project with multiple grants adding up to $10,000.

"Signs help to define a neighborhood," said MHP President Rob Goldman at an unveiling ceremony Wednesday afternoon. Goldman is a Glenmont resident.

County Executive Isiah Leggett and Council Vice President Nancy Navarro, who also spoke at the ceremony, praised the community's effort and encouraged the GGCA to be an active participant in the Glenmont Sector Plan process. 

GGCA President Amanda Bernhardt shared her hopes that the signs will generate interest in Glenmont and set the stage for capital improvements to come.

Bernhardt completed what was set in motion by GGCA founder and former President Kris Kumaroo nearly three years ago. The original initiative ran into some roadblocks, particularly with the complex permitting process. Then the county asked the Montgomery Housing Partnership to step in and help out.

Gregory Baker, a community planning manager with MHP, helped guide GGCA through three levels of permitting with the State Highway Association, the Montgomery County Sign Review Board, and the regular county permitting system--a process that took nine months, he said. Along the way, the sign transformed to meet standards for height and reflective capability. 


How do you think these signs help to define Glenmont? Tell us in the comments.

Amanda Bernhardt September 14, 2012 at 08:36 PM
Congratulations to everyone who helped get these signs in the ground! Hopefully, they will be the start of many good things to come in Glenmont.
Bill Hussein O'Stalin September 15, 2012 at 10:44 AM
I would have liked the signs more if they had "Repel the Invaders" at the bottom.


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