Grandma: The Summer Savior

It's a bird, she's on a plane, it's SUPER GRANDMA!

Our house currently has a new baby, two elementary school kids home from school all summer with minimal camp enrollment, a hard working dad who has been burning the midnight oil and a freelance writing mom who has bitten off more than she can chew.

Thankfully, we have a summer savior: My mother. Otherwise known as Grandma, or the most beautiful woman in the world to this overwhelmed mama. Seriously J. Lo, you need to abdicate that People magazine title and hand it right on over to my mom.

I love my mother, absolutely. She is always upbeat and sweet and makes the entire house smile. I love how she makes even a trip to the grocery store fun and how as an elementary school teacher, she's like the Pied Piper to my little mice.

I love having a comrade during the day when my husband's at work, someone to accompany us on fun jaunts and field trips or wile away the day making summer crafts. I look forward to playing Scrabble with my mom at night with gin and tonics at our sides, or ordering up a Diane Keaton movie and popping corn. I love how first thing in the morning, the kids run into Grandma's room for a cuddle and a story and after covering her with kisses, beg her to make her famous pancakes. 

And you can see where this is going: I'm looking forward to the free nanny service my mother provides during her annual summer visit from California. 

When my mother visits, I can breathe, I can exercise, there are two moms in the house for three kids, and it is heaven. I can run an errand without yanking someone up from a nap. I can even dash out on a whim with my husband to a restaurant or bar in my town without forking over a precious $75 for a sitter. But the best thing? Dashing out the door at 4pm with just my iPod for a long solo run when my kids are at their crankiest. Like I said, heaven. 

I swear I'm not abusing her. Grandma assures me that she misses the kids dreadfully all year long and adores spending quality time with them. And they're great kids, appreciative and full of exuberance. It's that same exuberance that warms Grandma's heart that utterly wears me down during the summer when they are home. Grandma's the fresh horse, and I'm the old gray mare who ain't what she used to be. 

I know I'll never have a full-time nanny. I don't need one, can't afford one and if I am completely truthful, I don't want one. I love being chief caretaker of the kids and household. But having my personal Mary Poppins breeze in for two weeks every summer? It's salvation via Southwest Airlines. Thanks Mom!

Jessica and her children are anxiously awaiting Grandma's next visit at A Parent in Silver Spring.


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