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Twitter, Facebook or Google+: Which is Your Favorite?

Facebook is the one I'm asking to prom. I'll flirt with Twitter across the dance floor. And Google+ is the hottie who just moved to town.

This year I turned 36. It was my harshest b-day to date. I know it's just a number, but it threw me into an official NOT YOUNG demographic. But rather than waste precious time worrying about something I cannot change, on my birthday I instead wasted precious time reading the birthday wall posts I received on Facebook

The return for having everyone from your past, present and online worlds wish you well and give you compliments was almost worth aging that much closer to the Denny’s senior citizen special.

On the off-off-off chance you're staunchly resisting joining Facebook, I recommend finally joining for the annual b-day self-esteem boost. It's way cheaper than therapy.

And then there’s Twitter. It’s a place for online entities to communicate, brands and entrepreneurs to promo and shill. For some, the medium has replaced emails and text messages as the numero uno communication tool. As a blogger, I often see Twitter as a place to drop those 140 character-limited one-liners I couldn’t work into a freelance piece or blog post. It’s also the place I sometimes share those funny moments from my mom life that no one thinks are as hilarious as me.

For instance, here's a Tweet I sent out about my son when he was in kindergarten. It is 100 percent true.

Six year old learning "-s" and "-es" plurals. Told to draw picture. Draws stink cloud emerging from stick figure's rear for GASES. So proud.

This was the funniest thing I had ever seen in my life. I'm sure you don't feel the same. Thus, it's a textbook Tweet!

And now there's Google+ and it's Circles, tempting me to spend time I don't have to figure out this new social media platform.

I admit that I check Facebook several times a day to connect with friends, family and colleagues in the online world. But I can go days at a time without checking Twitter. Unfortunately, I don't have time to be completely faithful to both my social media loves, so I have to play favorites.

Right now, Facebook is who I'm asking to prom. But I'll flirt with Twitter across the dance floor. And Google+ is the hottie who just moved to town. I don't know much about him, but I'm intrigued.

What about you guys - do you have a favorite in the Facebook vs. Twitter face-off? Or are you two-timing both of them? Are you in love with Google+ and have you mastered it?

And what do you guys think about social media websites in general?  Waste of time?  Great way to connect? Fun diversion and entertainment? Way to keep up with events? Because you guys are the ones I want to follow and friend and like and fan. You get my big Likes and Retweets! And all of you are in my Circle...once I figure out how to add you!

Jessica McFadden is a Facebooking and Twittering mom of three. She blogs at A Parent in Silver Spring

Garine Isassi July 13, 2011 at 12:27 PM
My feeling exactly on this one. How many social networks can a person be in and still have a REAL life? There is such a thing as "too much information."
California Girl July 13, 2011 at 12:27 PM
I was saying JUST this same thing last night! I even updated my own Facebook status to say "Google+ confuses me" I fought joining Facebook for quite a while, I was strong-armed into joining MySpace by my brother what feels like a decade ago and the thought of having two sites that did what I thought was the same thing was just too much. Eventually, as MySpace began to be a pain in the butt -- I joined the FB crowd. I'm now a habitual FB checker and its starting to make me feel as if I'm a bit stalker-ish. Google+ so far has been confusing and I'm not sure what all the hype is...but I'm not giving up, it's not my personality to give up. Would love to be part of your circle, to be liked, to be a fan and whatever new bits and pieces of ways to show your appreciation for your friends, circle, nest...whatever! Courtney www.theyarncabinet.com


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