Girl Shot Near Gaithersburg Library, Police Say May Have Been Accidental

A teenage girl is in the hospital after a shooting Friday near the Gaithersburg Library. Police say the incident was not a robbery.

A teenage girl is in the hospital after a shooting Friday near the Gaithersburg Library. File|Patch
A teenage girl is in the hospital after a shooting Friday near the Gaithersburg Library. File|Patch

A teenage girl was shot Friday near the Gaithersburg Library in what police have called an accident, reports WUSA TV.

Montgomery County Police say a 17-year-old girl was shot and is expected to survive. Officers said the shooting may have been over a jacket but that has yet to be determined. Authorities do not believe the incident was a robbery.

The shooting happened about 1 p.m. at 18330 Montgomery Village Avenue and Christopher Lane.

The teen was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, the TV station.

The library re-opened in January after a major renovation.

Sharon February 15, 2014 at 12:13 AM
Welcome to PATCH, c sears. Thought I would share with you a very brief but to the point email I received from a friend this evening...a friend who grew up years ago in the Village but moved out to 'greener pastures' & a fellow who also knows the deteriorating conditions and abhorrent issues plaguing the Village (that began decades ago while MVF chose to ignore) that The Powers That Be want to 'sweep under the carpet' with this very expensive PR they have 'shoveling', Flourishing in the Village campaign. Comment from friend was "Both of you are correct. MV is turning into a govt sponsored welfare project."
Connecticut15 February 20, 2014 at 08:42 AM
How did MV disintegrate into such a crime riddled area? It had been a shining star in the 1970s -80s offering some of the best residential community living choices. IBM has had a very large facility on its border for decades. Businesses surround the area. What happened and why?
Sharon March 15, 2014 at 11:03 AM
How did Montgomery Village become some crime riddled, Connecticut15??? Here's one take & personal experience. The Powers That Be who 'affectionately' refer to themselves as the "Umbrella of the Village" (which to me implies general overall oversight of entire Village; not just i.e. pools, tennis courts, etc) sat smugly back on their laurels with the false sense of 'security' from the outside (and inside) elements believing that officially changing the zip code to their own would exempt them from 'criminal intruders'. They use excuse that "crime is everywhere" but, if they research 'history' (the effects of neighborhoods allowed to disintegrate), they have to admit that by not overseeing communities (even basic maintenance of homes in those communities) & allowing neighborhoods to depreciate crime was on their 'invitation list'. And it is hysterical when they deny crime statistics i.e. by arguing "oh, that didn't occur in Montgomery Village; that was 'across the street' (within yards) but doesn't fall under our zip code". And c. sears had the year of noticeable and pending downward spiral right on the mark when she noted the year 1982. I noticed as well & unsuccessfully attempted to alert the 'Powers That Be' that they needed to 'get into communities' and get a handle on situation before it escalated. Plea ignored as though I was some crazed Martian hysterically fabricating situations (or conditions) they didn't want to deal with. Even now, they prefer to bury head in sand & even in our Village News throw out 'titles' to homeowners who have been & continued to be concerned as "fear mongers". Blaming genuinely concerned (and observant) homeowners is sure easier than addressing or fulfilling 'protection of home market value and family-oriented community' promises they still erroneously 'boast' in their Village News or in their new Flourishing campaign.
Sharon March 15, 2014 at 11:15 AM
From Village News edition as current as 3/7/2014 from President of Village: "Keep in mind that Montgomery Village makes up less than half of the 6th District. So when you hear of an issue in the 6th District, it very well may not be in the Village." (This is playing the boundary game of 'that was across the street or around the corner; not 'perp's toe' on 20886 turf!) Continued quote: "Many people just don’t get it. It's nothing more than fear-mongering on the part of many."


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