Naked Shooter High on PCP Who Climbed on Fire Truck Is Sentenced to Prison

A Silver Spring man was sentenced to prison for shooting a friend in the face while high on PCP. He was arrested last year in Prince George's County after stripping naked and climbing on top of a fire truck.

Mohamed Sulaiman Bah, 25, of Silver Spring was sentenced to prison for shooting a friend while high on drugs, stripping off his clothes and screaming at authorities from atop a fire truck. File|Patch
Mohamed Sulaiman Bah, 25, of Silver Spring was sentenced to prison for shooting a friend while high on drugs, stripping off his clothes and screaming at authorities from atop a fire truck. File|Patch

A man who shot his best friend in the face while high on PCP – and was cornered by police on top of a fire truck naked and screaming profanities -- was sentenced to 16 years in prison on Tuesday.

On May 15, 2013, police found a naked Mohamed Sulaiman Bah, 25, of Silver Spring standing on top of a Prince George's County fire truck screaming at onlookers, reports WUSA TV.

Police had to Taser Bah in order to take him into custody, according to officials.

Prior to his arrest, Bah was riding in a car with the victim and a witness when he began acting in an erratic manner. The witness told police that Bah, who was in the passenger seat, turned around and shot his friend, who was sitting in the back seat.

The shooting happened in the 11900 block of Beltsville Drive, Patch earlier reported. Bah fled from the scene and made his way to the Calverton Shopping Center, where he removed his clothing and climbed onto a fire department ladder truck.

Bah "refused to comply with police orders to come down from the truck and remained there for several minutes acting in a belligerent manner," police said.

Several minutes of the fire truck standoff – and profane comments from onlookers -- were captured in a YouTube video by user crotti2009.

Bah pleaded guilty on Feb. 20. He had originally been charged with attempted murder, first degree assault, and other charges, according to Prince George's County police.

Warning: The attached video is graphic and contains nudity and cursing.
Tee Vee May 07, 2014 at 04:19 PM
Tequila's not the only thing that makes your clothes fall off!
Steven Spiegel May 23, 2014 at 11:41 PM
Yeah people can laugh it up but i have seen what PCP can do to someone . I had a friend of mine actually punch a medicine cabinet and take the broken glass and jab himself to death with the glass because of smoking PCP . I had another friend who used to pick me up from Aberdeen MD when i was in the Army and we would smoke what we called back then GREENS and we would get in the wrong lane of on coming traffic and run over 100mph and play chicken with the on coming cars and believe me we would have not moved . When i was in Germany he killed another friend of ours in a vehicle accident . I am one of the lucky ones who have lived a life of addiction and am still here to talk about it . And there its not a damn thing funny about it at all . I have worked my ass off only to rob and steal from myself and live a life of pure hell and misery . I made 1000 dollars a week feed my family and pay my rent and bills and then shoot 600 dollars worth of heroine in my arms . I have died several times and am lucky to be alive and living a productive life . I know am struggling to get back on track and its miserable but know were near as much misery as the life i have had before . I work as a Mason and have a small company with a couple guys that work for me and i also teach masonry on Friday's to inmates ready to return back to society in hopes that they may be able to do the same and get out and work and lead a quote unquote normal life . I take things about drugs very serious and wish that i could drum in some of these kids heads how smoking weed can a sometimes will lead to other drugs . I just wish i would have listened to my Dad who recently passed on . But atleast i gave him a few good years and when he passed he was proud of his son . If anyone finds this story amusing then you simply dont know what drugs are about and you should thank your heavenly father and instead of laughing silently say to yourself there but buy the grace of God Goes I !!!!!


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