Wheaton Crime Report: Robbery Attempt on Triangle Lane

The following information was supplied by the Montgomery County Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

Montgomery County police have released the latest crime report for the Fourth District, from March 18-26. The list published here is not comprehensive, but rather selects incidents that occurred in or near Wheaton and Glenmont. 

An attempted strong-arm robbery occurred in the 11200 block of Triangle Lane, Wheaton, on Thursday, March 21, at 7 p.m.  The suspect assaulted the victim and unsuccessfully attempted to remove property. 

A residential burglary occurred in the 2800 block of Hardy Avenue, Wheaton-Glenmont, on Tuesday, March 26, between 8:30 a.m. and 3:15 p.m.  No forced entry. Property taken. 

An aggravated assault occurred in the 11200 block of Valleyview Avenue, Kensington on Tuesday, March 19, at 2:30 p.m.  The suspect is known to the victim.

An attempted residential burglary occurred in the 10800 block of Georgia Avenue on Wednesday, March 20, at 10:15 p.m.  Attempted forced entry; nothing taken. 

For questions about this crime blotter, email Esther.French@patch.com. For more crime statistics, see the Montgomery County Police crime summaries.


Annie April 08, 2013 at 04:36 PM
Where were the Safe Team at that time when the crime happened ? Was the supervisor too busy playing guitar for the girl, trying to get her to do "SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS" again like he used to do when I was there ? or he was too busy watching his own DVD/internet for hours ? That's how your taxes funded this Safe Team .. I did too much and I knew too much, I helped community too much and exposed the "kick back" of supervisors from helping tow truck rip off citizens/corruptions of gov't/waste & abuse etc. so they kicked me out .. They're not doing their job especially supervisors and management .. They only good at harassing good employeeeeeeeeee .
AntonFisher April 09, 2013 at 02:33 PM
I do not doublet a thing for what you Said Annie, but why don't you report these abuses to the Inspector General and request an investigation. I am glad you are bringing this issue to the public. If you lost your job just for reporting and exposing these abuses, you can get your job back with compensations for the harm you attained.
Annie April 10, 2013 at 05:56 AM
Thank you for the great comment, AntonFisher and yes, I did.I contacted Senator Barbara Mikulski first but got no help, then I asked Congressman Van Holen to help with the Aggressive towing issue and they told me that he was the victim also. His secretary advised me to think about my job but I already got harassed from supervisor and already exposed the kick back etc. then I contacted Councilmembers Navaro and Reimer.They fwd my complaint to IG and I got in touch with Mr.Blansitt for a while, he told me I'd be protected by WPA (Whistleblower Protection law Act) I don't know if he investigated the County or not since he simply said to me that someone had corrected the supervisor's bad behavior already so supervisors were not doing that again. (So if they're doing bad things for long time but stopped when they got investigated, it's O K ???) anyway I lost my job but County is not stupid enough to say "Oh YEAH we terminated her because she reported us!!!) I have so much evidences and witnesses to proof County lies but no one cares amd even EEOC stick up for them too .. of cause it's the same Uncle Sam I should have known that. EEOC is pathetic and helpless so don't waste your time if you got harassed from your supervisor. Remember if supervisor wants blow job, give them blow job .. don't blow whistle like me, you'd loose your job and no one can help you even you have lots of witnesses. I have so many citizens,business owners the whole community signed petitions for me.
Annie April 10, 2013 at 06:05 AM
We sent the petitions asking why County got rid of me who was the only one in the office out working all the time, no one else and why did they spend hard earn money (taxes) to fund this Safe Team when they're not doing their jobs ???? Why did they hired new people who would be disappear & goof off like the rest of the Safe Team now anyway. If you visit downtown Wheaton and stop by any store which is there from 2009 - 2012, you can ask about me.. everyone knew me, the little Asian girl who walked up and down trying to deter the crimes and helped out community. I was welknown by the community even the 4th district police officers in CBD. They called me by my 1st name long before I learned their names. I worked hard and love what I was doing but the crooks in the office hate me and got rid of me by the support from management since they don't like whistle blower but they don't want to do their jobs either. They just there to pick up paychecks like most or majority of gov't employees. I was threatened and warned many times not to work hard and lay low like the rest of the team, just come here to get paychecks but I didn't listen to them, I believe in God and good things. I believe in Karma and believe in myself not to let the lazy deter me and look what happened .. Bad guys won .. ?
Annie April 10, 2013 at 06:17 AM
Management support the supervisors because they're the same, they don't want to do their jobs. I went to them first but to work against the crooks in the office especially 2 of them (supervisors) who have authorities and can lie & set you up or write you up for disciplinary etc. it's hard. I was only temporary employee also and was the only female who worked very hard and only one in that office that the whole community knows. The others were not doing their jobs and other girls just there for fun and to pick up paychecks etc. Management was embarrassed after they found out that I reported the bad behavior of supervisors, instead of correct the actions or discipline the bad guys (supervisors) they turned around got rid of me and covered up for them. I guess it's easier than admit the mistake and having employee sue them ? Supervisors there are real bad and abuse authorities waste the tax monies. One supervisor always out shopping at Giant or international market and one time he bought a big furniture so he had another employee helped him loaded it on County truck and went home while on the clock. The other one always sneak out of area to make up with girlfriend (he's married) while on the clock every night. etc. Safe Team is so F- - k up.
Annie April 10, 2013 at 06:31 AM
Thank you for the great comment, AntonFisher and yes, I did. I went to every channels I can think of .. Starting with Senator Barbara Mikulski first but got no help, especially now .. She said she's not permit to intervein with any legal issue before court etc. so I went to Congressman Van Hollen and he did help with the towing issue since he got towed himself a while ago. ( I did ask him for help on towing issue not Ana Lopez Vanbalen!!! she's such a liar ) then I told his office about the kick back but the lady in the office could not help me on that and warned me to be careful, my job is more important than any other issues. So I went to Councilmember Navaro but she fwd to Reimer and then IG - Mr.Blansitt and I spoke to IG about the kick back and abuse authority, waste & abuse but I didn't see any result.By the way Mr.Blansitt said I'd be protected by WPA (WhistleBlower Protection Law Act) guess what I lost my job and I don't see anyone helping me for blowed the whistle anyway. I should have BLOW supervisor (gave them blow job) like other girls did instead of blowing whistle !!! I could have been promoted to permanant position and kept my job !!!!! anyway lots of people knew what's going on but no one is going to say anything or tell the truth since they can see how easy County got rid of me just like that !!!! County is not that dumb to say "Oh yeah we get rid of her because she reported us" They gave B S excuses and I could proof they lied .. still no one cares !!!!
Corbetto April 10, 2013 at 12:42 PM
I'm not sure why you felt it appropriate to list this all on the Wheaton Patch. Frankly, if you took issues like these to the IG's office and no investigation came from it... then, knowing how IGs work, this largely sounds like the sad ramblings of a disgruntled former employee.
Annie April 10, 2013 at 03:55 PM
It's not just sad ramblings of a disgruntled former employee Corbetto !!! If IG nor any other gov't agencies failed to investigate (since they never asked witnesses) then the whole world should know the truth of how their taxes fund go !!!! We got great technologies like internet, Youtube, media, cell phone etc. to expose the corruption and that's why these comments all about !!!! It's not just a comment and it can be verified and will go to court so IT"S NOT JUST A RAMBLINGS OF DISGRUNTED FORMER EMPLOYEE !!!! Many cases that no one investigated or no one cares cracked by SOCIAL MEDIA so if it's not true, why should I brought it up ???? If you don't know the truth you should not share your comment or unless you're one of those lazy gov't employee who will be effected by the investigation etc.
Joezy YouAsoftserve Gonzales April 16, 2013 at 10:33 PM
THERES A SAFE TEAM ?!?!? .. I never even heard of them or seen them ! I Can't walk these streets without witnessing robberies or people following me around now-a-days !


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