Council President Valerie Ervin One of 'Washington’s 100 Most Powerful Women’

Ervin is praised for leading Montgomery County through a tough budget year.

In October's issue of the Washingtonian magazine, Montgomery County Council President Valerie Ervin (D-Dist. 5) is among many local prestigious business leaders, members of Congress and Supreme Court Justices being recognized as “Washington’s 100 Most Powerful Women.”

The magazine highlights Ervin's accomplishments during a difficult budget year for Montgomery County.

Reflecting on the passage of the 2012 budget, Ervin called it a "watershed moment for the Council.” She added, “This year the Council did more than balance the budget for a single year, we worked together to create a blueprint for addressing the County’s long-term structural challenges.”

First elected in 2006, Ervin became the first African American to serve on the council. She got her start through grassroots activism as a union organizer. During this time she fought to make sure working parents knew about their rights in the workplace and received appropriate benefits.

Currently, she serves as Montgomery County's Council President and chairs the Council’s Education Committee, which reviews more than half of the county's operating budget. She also sits on the Government Operations and Fiscal Policy Committee, which conducts budget reviews and program oversight for various county departments and offices.


GingerR September 27, 2011 at 12:19 AM
She's impressed me by taking up solutions I would not have thought she'd embrace. It's nice to have a leader who solves problems.
tanisha September 27, 2011 at 12:06 PM
" First elected in 2006, Ervin became the first African American to serve on the council." She is the first African American female Ike Leggett was the first African American to serve on the council.
Malcolm Wilson September 27, 2011 at 04:15 PM
A disappointment and not responsive to this particular constituents inquiries. Seems to embrace the "easy changes" such as yet another unenforcable smoking ban rather than taking on some of the more difficult issues. The gauntlet of "homeless" that work the University Blvd corridor and get more agressive as time goes by. Poor enforcement of traffic violations by our police,we rely way to much on cameras that do nothing with the parking violators during the rush hour. Pandering to Costco on the gas station. The curfew. In my opinion she doesn't do a whole lot to ensure her side of the county keeps up with the Bethesda-Kensington area. Won't get my vote next time.


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