Marijuana Law, Common Core, Rain Tax, Minimum Wage: Hot Topics for Maryland Lawmakers

One state delegate offers a preview of what he thinks may be the hot-button issues for the 2014 legislative session.

Will Maryland lawmakers vote to decriminalize marijuana in 2014? Photo Credit: Getty
Will Maryland lawmakers vote to decriminalize marijuana in 2014? Photo Credit: Getty
Who better than a state delegate to provide a preview of the hot topics to be discussed in the legislative session in Annapolis that will convene on Jan. 8? 

Read what's in store for the 434th session of the Maryland General Assembly from Del. Eric Bromwell, who represents Maryland's 8th Legislative District, and blogs onPerry Hall Patch.

Bromwell notes this will be the last session before the primary election in June.

"Traditionally, pre-election sessions are less fractious than other sessions," he writes in his blog. "There are usually fewer hot-button legislative issues. However, the upcoming session might break that tradition." 

Some of the issues lawmakers are expected to tackle include:

Budget—"Because of lower than predicted revenue returns and unexpected expenses, the $300 million surplus predicted when the last budget was approved has disappeared," Bromwell writes in his blog. "Instead we are facing a $400 million budget deficit." 

Marijuana Law—"Legislation will be introduced to decriminalize marijuana," Bromwell writes in his blog. "A proposal will be debated to allow those over 21 years of age to expunge their records of marijuana possession acquired as minors."

Minimum Wage—Expect a discussion about raising the state’s current minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, especially since Prince George's and Montgomery counties have already raised the minimum wage locally.

Education: Common Core—"Legislation to repeal Common Core will be debated," Bromwell writes in his blog. "Common Core is a different way to teach K-12 current curriculum to enable students to think analytically in order to solve problems and express themselves in writing."

Rain Tax—Implementing a stormwater fee was left up to local jurisdictions. Some—including Bromwell—would like to see this tax repealed or revised.

Click here to read the full blog post from Delegate Bromwell.

TELL US: What do you think is the most important issue for Maryland lawmakers in 2014? Leave a comment to let us know.


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