Top Headlines: Metro Shooter and Montgomery County School Budget

Get caught up on the latest headlines in Montgomery County.


Catch up on this week's headlines, including news of a teen involved in a double shooting, parking meters in Chevy Chase and a runaway dog shipped from Egypt.

Police Say White Oak Murder Victim Was Targeted

Police met with community members Thursday to discuss the recent murders of two young men. The victims were killed within days of one another, the second crime occurring just a few miles away from the first. Major Crimes detectives don't believe the two homicides are related, but aren't ruling out the possibility. One victim, 22-year-old Jesse Campos, was targeted, police believe. Read more on Colesville Patch

Teen Triggerman Pleads Guilty in Rockville Metro Shooting

A 17-year-old Rockville boy pleaded guilty in Montgomery County Circuit Court on Monday to attempted second-degree murder in connection with a double shooting at the Rockville Metro station in May.  Read more on Rockville Patch.

Once Again, a Battle Looms Over Funding Law and Montgomery County Schools Budget

Superintendent Joshua P. Starr’s proposed $2.2 billion fiscal 2014 budget for Montgomery County schools could face a familiar challenge—how to comply with a state law on school funding minimums while winning approval from a County Council determined to rein in spending on schools. Read more on Rockville Patch.

No Parking Meters for Chevy Chase Drive, Offutt Lane, Bradley Boulevard Neighborhood

The county's department of transportation has decided to "suspend indefinitely" the installation of parking meters in this neighborhood, much to the relief of many residents who were shocked when meter installation began in October. Read more on Chevy Chase Patch.

Germantown Couple Searches For Runaway Dog Flown From Egypt
A Germantown couple who eagerly awaited the arrival of a street dog they rescued from Egypt are now trying to find the animal, which bolted from its crate while being taken through the parking lot at Dulles Airport Wednesday night. Read more at Germantown Patch.

No Immediate Plans for Parking Lot at The Blairs

News that the parking lot of Giant Food at Silver Spring's The Blairs development might become a public park received mixed reactions from community members, but officials at Montgomery County's Parks department say any plans are way in the future since no formal proposals have been submitted. Read more on Silver Spring Patch.  


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