Speak Out: How Can Montgomery County Reduce Dropouts?

MCPS superintendent responds to question about high school dropout rates at student town hall.

One student at the student town hall meeting Wednesday morning asked MCPS Superintendent Joshua Starr about the Montgomery County dropout rate.

Starr responded that the county's dropout rate is "good," explaining that on a comparison basis, fewer African American and Latino kids dropped out of the Montgomery County Public School system than in school systems in other parts of the country.

He was careful to say though that MCPS does not want to see any student drop out, and he supports the Maryland Legislature in

Wheaton High School has a 4.6 percent dropout rate, , and an average of 70 students per year dropped out from FY06 to FY10. This is the highest rate in Montgomery County.

What do you think the county could do to reduce the number of dropouts? How can Wheaton High School lower its rate? Tell us in the comments.


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