Teacher Appreciation Week: Tell Us About Your Favorite Teacher

A Patch blogger says, "Thanks for teaching my minions!" Tell us about your favorite teacher in the comment section.

Did you have a favorite teacher? Why was that educator special? Tell us in the comment section below. File|Patch
Did you have a favorite teacher? Why was that educator special? Tell us in the comment section below. File|Patch
Tell us about your favorite Montgomery County teacher in the comment section below!

Teacher Appreciation Week 2014 is May 5-9 and Teacher Appreciation Day is May 6.

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Patch blogger Lorraine Lundqvist wrote a special thank you to the teachers of her three "minions." 

"I can barely manage to balance my minions (whoops meant to say sons), during summer break," Lorraine writes. "So, for another man or woman to watch my children and then throw in a good education to boot? Well, I say that’s a great deal!"

Read more of Lorraine's blog.

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Kathy A. Gambrell May 07, 2014 at 10:52 AM
It's National Teacher Day ..and the general wisdom is that you're supposed to thank a teacher. Now which one do I choose? The high school teacher who told me that I'd never do better than community college and a retail job (epic fail on her part). Or the teachers at St. Bart's who failed to teach my son to read by the third grade? Or the teacher at his current school who said he wasn't paid to work 80 hour weeks to make sure kids were successful in his class? Or perhaps his reading teacher who is so boring the kids fall asleep in her class? Or the three teachers who looked me in the eye and said learning to spell correctly wasn't a priority in their classrooms? Can you see how it's tough to honor a profession that isn't about knowledge, creativity and innovation, it's about getting by and still getting paid. Sorry no honors from this mom. ‪#‎boostthestandards‬


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