Compare Turkey Prices at Wheaton Stores

Turkey prices get competitive in the days before Thanksgiving.

Where are you buying your turkey this Thanksgiving? Here are some of the options in Wheaton and Kensington:


Giant Brand, Fresh: $0.99/lb - limit 1, with $25 purchase, not including turkey

Giant Brand, Frozen: $0.59/lb - limit 1, with $25 purchase, not including turkey

Butterball, Fresh: $1.49/lb

Butterball, Frozen: $1.19/lb - limit 1 with $25 purchase, not including turkey


Shady Brook, Fresh: $0.99/lb - limit 1

Shady Brook, Frozen: $0.99/lb - limit 1

Honeysuckle White, Frozen: $0.99/lb - limit 1

Marval, Frozen: $0.55/lb - limit 1

Butterball, Frozen: $1.69/lb

Safeway - Limit 1, with $35 purchase, not including turkey

Safeway Brand, Frozen: $0.59/lb 

Butterball, Frozen: $0.88/lb

Shady Brook, Fresh: $0.99/lb


Check with each store for details.


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