Kensington Heights Meets to Discuss Costco Issues

No public outreach meeting date set as of now.

Kensington Heights Civic Association is preparing in a meeting this week to bring their concerns to Costco and Westfield, as well as the Montgomery County, about the new Costco store on the south side of the mall.

Costco indefinitely postponed the special exception . At the same time the company plans  sometime late this month or in early September. Now that the gas station is currently off the table, the John Jenkins, a member of the Kensington Heights Civic Association said they will be discussing issues related to the project including stormwater, traffic, and the project's impact on walkability in the neighborhood. 

The meeting (or multiple meetings), have not been scheduled yet, although they are a condition of Westfield receiving earlier this year. Steve Silverman, the director of the Department of Economic Development and the County's point person on the process said earlier in July that the meeting would either occur in late July or mid-August. 

"Westfield understands they don’t get any money until they sit down with the community," Silverman said in July. More recently, Silverman added that he still expected the gas station to be a topic of concern. 

KHCA representatives say while they are still concerned with the gas station, they have larger concerns about the project.

"The Costco project will change Wheaton for maybe the next 25 years so we need to get it right," Jenkins said in an email, adding that in comparision to the B.F. Saul project, Costco had been given "free reign" in the planning process until recently. 

Sheng August 04, 2011 at 01:25 PM
all I hear/see is delay, delay and delay, come on, lets just get it built already, the same goes for the safeway building.
Taylor Kate Brown August 04, 2011 at 04:12 PM
DCGUY - Everytime I get in touch with Patriot Realty, they say that they are still waiting on their construction permits (they already have the demolition ones, but want to get both before they start). It appears that is the only thing holding them up. As to Costco, I'm not sure what's going on behind the scenes there.
steve October 19, 2011 at 01:25 PM
The key word is not delay but meetings. We cant get anything done until we have a meeting to discuss when we will have the next meeting to discuss we are finished having meetings. if you notice we can get land cleared for new homes in kensington on university blvd. but dont even think about business growth.
steve October 20, 2011 at 07:17 PM
We will have new apartments in white flint, new homes on university blvd, new apts on ga ave, new apartments at safeway. But try and create long term jobs, create sales tax revenue, and bring new sales traffic into wheaton dont even think about it. WHY IS KENSINGTON HEIGHTS ALLOWED TO CONTROL OUR FUTURE. IM SURE WESTIELD CAN PUT TRAFFIC BARRIERS UP 20' HIGH OR BERMS OF DIRT COVER IT WITH GRASS AND PLANTS YOU WONT SEE OR HEAR ANYTHING YOU CAN GO ON WITH OTHER THINGS THAT BOTHER YOU IN YOUR WORLD.


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