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Why everyone should think - again - about the proposed Costco gas station

We understand that some feel the battle over Costco's request (to put a gas station next to its store in Wheaton) to be illogical, or unreasonable, or a waste of time.

If you are one such citizen, please consider two simple questions:

1.  Suppose this was about a proposed WAWA gas station in Timbuktu.  Suppose you had a friend in Timbuktu and your friend had two small kids.  And suppose your friend had done some reading and was convinced the proposed location of the station would make an incremental increased risk of 5% that his kids would develop asthma, or cancer, or some other medical problem.  How would you feel about that situation?

2.  Suppose you want to have access to the "cheap gas" that Costco may sell in Wheaton.  And you understand that you have to pay to join Costco (or perhaps you already have), that you may have to wait in line to buy the gas, and that you may save only a few cents per gallon.  Does your "need" for the Costco gas station out-way the concern that your friend (in Timbuktu) has about the health risks to his kids?

For more info, please look at our website:  www.stopcostcogas.org

Take a look at the documents we submitted to the Hearing Examiner.  To save time, skip all the long ones and read the one entitled "Concise Summary".  It is essentially one page long.


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steve March 12, 2013 at 08:38 PM
Costco is the real issue here. The people who oppose the station also fought the store. Development is the issue. Other stores in the mall dont have the same issues. Costco brings growth, money and jobs. The opposition does not want growth. They put up a dozen new homes on university blvd no problem. more traffic more cars who cares. They took down good council more cars, more traffic. They are putting up 3 new apts or condos, no opposition. Walmat & costco bring in traffic jobs and money thats what they oppose. future development..
Webmaster March 12, 2013 at 09:14 PM
Can you spell red-herring? No one in the Kensington Heights community opposed the Costco store. No one in SCGC opposes the Costco store. We all want it to open. Why won't Costco open the store??? I don't know anyone in "the opposition" who opposes growth. It just seems we need smart growth, not dumb growth. Your "argument" seems to go off on multiple tangents, with no clear focus. No opposition to a few new apartments (vs how many?) somehow means the opposition doesn't care? Are we in favor of more traffic? How did you get that? Walmart (which one?) brings in jobs. And what has that got to do with Costco's gas station? It will bring in two jobs. Wow! If you really think "the opposition" is against growth, at least say something that is even vaguely relevant. As to simply being against Costco, consider this. Label the proposed gas station WAWA, or BJ's, or Sam's Club. Try to cram that into the tiny space in the parking lot near Target and the Costco store, etc. Would we still oppose that gas station? You bet!
David Bachrach March 12, 2013 at 09:35 PM
There is an argument to be made, Mark (presumably the above-named webmaster), against putting the gas station where Costco has proposed. But your tone and vocabulary are very off putting. I see that you represent the views of 67 people and three organizations, and that is impressive, but do you need to try to discredit someone who disagrees with the opinions (not facts) you have stated? A "mega" station? I see that it is slated at just 16 nozzles. "No need" for this business? There isn't a single business in Wheaton that "needs" to be right there, sure. It is the opinion of your group that there is no need, I can appreciate that. But writing out that people who disagree with these very strongly felt, reasoned opinions are "ignoring reality" really is a turn off. Hard to want to consider your position, sorry.
Webmaster March 12, 2013 at 10:34 PM
"Sorry"? I'm sorry too. Am not sure where you get the idea that I am "writing out" people. I thought the blogosphere was for dialogue. Don't believe I used the term "ignoring reality"; but might well have, if I believed someone was doing that. Just because an opinion is "strongly felt" or "reasoned" does not mean the opinion is valid. It seems to me that we are attempting to arrive at a consensus as to what is the "most reasonable" opinion. If someone asserts something that is just not so, am I supposed to ignore it? Am not sure what part(s) of my tone or vocabulary you find "very off putting". But you find it hard to consider my position? Sorry.
Doug S. March 13, 2013 at 12:32 AM
"mega" does not refer to the number of nozzles. "mega" refers to the amount of gas pumped: 12 million gallons/year. That's the number Costco's environmental expert did his modeling for. According to this report by the Association for Convenience and Fuel Retailing: http://www.nacsonline.com/NACS/Resources/campaigns/GasPrices_2011/Documents/StatisticsDefinitions.pdf "In addition to convenience stores and gas stations, there are a number of big-box retailers that sell fuel, including Walmart, Costco and a number of grocery chains. As of July 2010, hypermarket companies in the United States operated more than 4,800 “hypermarket” sites (big-box retailers) and sold 16.4 billion gallons of gasoline. These sites sell approximately 262,000 gallons per month, about twice the volume of a traditional fuel retailer. " Hypermarket site: 3.1 million gallons per year Traditional fuel retailer: 1.6 million gallons per year Costco at Wheaton: 12 million gallons per year It would be like having about 4 hypermarket stations or 7.5 traditional stations 125 feet from the nearest houses. Would you want to live in those houses? BTW, the figure of 1.6 million annual gallons for a normal-sized gas station is supported by this: http://www.energyalmanac.ca.gov/transportation/summary.html (California)


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